Youssou N'dour

Mouvement (Dunya)

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What’s happening in our world today is unjust and out of control.
Fairness and sincerity have become a thing of the past
You count on me to lend you this or that
You need my shoulder to lean on
You want my help when in trouble
You ask me to feel sorry for you
You demand that I take care of you
But as soon as I turn my back
I become the subject of your gossip.

What is life, but a long and treacherous road!
Honesty comes to light with the rising sun
One hustles for a better life, mindless of that heat
Fear is in the eyes of the people
What we need is hope and happiness
Because loneliness is prevalent in so many lives.
All secrets are revealed in the darkness of night
Greed, condescension, righteousness
Some choose to watch, uncommitted, lazy
Others are just out of touch
I invite all of you stand up and sing
Let’s commit ourselves to speaking up in unison
Yes, it’s the movement, and we say NO!
Oh wee, oh hoo
Oh wee, oh hoo.

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