Aaron Tippin

A Mighty Good God

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The quarterback down at the school makes all the rules
'Cause he's super cool
And everybody wants to be just like him
There's a little girl in his homeroom class
Sits in the back 'cause she thinks she's fat
Lookin' for a corner she can hide in
In life there ain't too many level playin' fields
And it don't seem fair but here's the deal
Brother here's the deal

You can walk on water, you can walk on the moon
You can walk through Memphis wearin' blue suede shoes
When the walkin' is over, at the end of the road
It ain't what you done son, it's who you know
Yeah it's who you know

Meet the man who owns it all
That's him there on the lobby wall
Don't he look like he's been carved from granite
His hands are soft, his heart is hard
And he only smokes the best cigars
And you call him sir 'cause he's earned it, damn it
There's a little old lady cleanin' up after him at night
And she prays someday that he'll see the light
Man I think she's got it right


At the end of the road
It's who you know


It ain't who you are son, it's who you know


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