Black Starry Night (Interlude)

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Against all odds, I'm still here nigga

Aiyyy, I got to get my props for 2Pacalypse

O.P.D. -- what??!

When this album come out, niggaz can kiss my ass

Did you think I'd fall?

You think you could stop a motherfucker like me?

Introducing you to my criminal crew

Treach, A.D., Apache, Essential

You got to deal with me on a whole new level motherfucker

Above the Law, Lench Mob, the Underground

Cause I'm gettin paid

gets around and we down in this bitch

And the more you try to keep niggaz away from me

the more I unite with mo' niggaz and mo' niggaz and mo' niggaz

Extra special thanks to my nigga Big John Major

And it's a ghetto in every city and a nigga in every ghetto

I owe him, thanks to my man Mike Cooley and the rest of out fathers

Motherfucker we are unstoppable

And uhh, I'm not goin alive!