What Am I Supposed to Do?

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What am I supposed to do
With the love I have for you?
Am I supposed to let it live
Until you're ready to forgive?

Am I suppose to pretend
Till you want me back again?
What am I supposed to do
'Till then?

How am I supposed to feel?
Should I think that you love me still?
Or am I supposed to act just
Just like you're never coming back?

Honey, am I supposed to be your friend?
Oh, will we ever meet again?
Darling, oh, darling
What am I supposed to do 'till then?

What am I supposed to say
If by chance we meet someday?
Am I supposed to talk a while
Or turn my head and walk on by?

This heartache can never end
'Till you're in my arms again
What am I supposed to do till then?
What'll I do 'till then?

Autor(es): CARTER

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