Blame It On The Youth

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The guns of oppression are pointing at you
looking down the barrel of one tonight
the special squad cars are on red alert
you know the policeman is always right

Blame it on the youth, they always do
Blame it on the youth, we're ready for you

Murder is a crime unless you're a cop
then it's all to do with duty
I only thought they were there to scare
I never really thought they'd shoot him

If they make a mistake they'll cover it up
with some ridiculous lie
morning newspapers gloating on violence
how many more will suffer and die?

Everywhere you go
it's all the same
Your just another pawn
in a bigger power game

It's all the same all over the world
justice just isn't fair
on law for them and another for us
they'll strip your dignity bare

Justice is a load of bollox
it really doesn't exist
you're just another target
on a policeman's list