After Forever

Blind Pain

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Everything keeps getting worse
The terror at home, the dread at school
I mustn't count on much support
I'm still locked out, it's up to me
How to face the teasing and the pain
Hate, one thing we have in common
Play your game
Beat me, hurt me
A physical release for mental pain
Don't make me explode in your way
This is a chain of torture
A line of pain
No other way to show how you feel
This is the rebel in her, the torment from him
The absence of help, the mothers care
Rage, it burns all around us
Blind pain
So abuse is only weakness
It feels more like a cry of distress
An act of incapacity
Feel the threat
Feel the oppressed ambience
Of having no place to go
No one who'll take care of my salvation
This is a chain of torture
A line of pain
No other way to show how you feel
This is the rebel in her, the torment from him
The absence of help, the mother's care
Here comes the finel episode of terror and pain
Abuse and hope
Here comes the fight between us all
A fight between a love long gone
I'm to blame, but it's their own blind pain
(Mother) Now look where you and your selfish ambitions have gotten us!
It's never been worse! You gotta work, work work, come back without
even noticing me or that ignorant kid of yours! You only think about
(Father) I only think about myself, it's me again? You self-centered bitch!
You're the one complaining all the time, but when that kid freaks out, who's
supposed to take care of her, huh?! Besides, it's not my child! Wasn't it ours,
our little 'saviour' of a love we never had? A fucking...
(Mother) Yeah, there is no 'us' anymore, darling! Ever since she was born
and I was left at your apparment raising her, I think about all I ever dreamed
of because of 'our' decisions! We both should have made compromises,
but the only one who did was me!
(Father) Oh, there you go again! You feel awfully sorry for yourself; why
don't you take a look at my side of the story for once?
(Mother) Ah, yeah sure, 'your side'... well, excuse the fuck out of me for being
in your way! A child you never wanted, living in a smaller house than you've
ever dreamed of, and all the while I'm getting old and ugly, right?
You must really long for somebody young and fresh, or if this means already...
(Father) Enough!! Don't you dare accuse me of being unfaithful! That's
how you ruined my loyalty; I can't believe I once fell in love with a...
(Mother) Oh, neither can I, you bastard! Neither can I! And loyal? I dind't
know you're familiar with that word!
(Father) There's a lot you don't know, a lot you'll never understand!
We've lost contact, baby.
(Mother) Oh yeah, really? Well, that doesn't seem to bother you. Why don't
you just go on? Go, go! Drift off away on that little island of yours and don't
forget to drown on your way to a better life!!
(Father) Maybe I will, maybe I will! I'd rather drown than be locked up with
such a freaed up bith and a freaky daughter! I can't believe we're still
holding a conversation about something so stupid!!
(Mother) Fine, go! Just GO!! Drown! I hope it'll be slow and painful!
(Father) Shut your fucking mouth!
(Mother) Asshole... Asshole!