Beat Happening

Look Around

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I love her madly though she loves another boy
A boy who sadly
Is just another boy

He stares and stares and stares
With eyes wide open wide
I stare and stare and stare
And come between her thighs

She whispers me bye-bye
She wants to see a boy cry
She wants to hear a boy sigh
She wants to see a boy lie
A tear ran down my spine

It's summer every day
Summer when you're around
It's summer every day
With eyes wide open round

Tossed old hair for a crown
That girl she owns this town
With a bang bang clashing loud
And a bam bam blackout sound
Down at the picnic ground

Look around
Look around

If a black cat's gonna cross my path it might as well be you
Might as well be you

Look around

Autor(es): POPPER, JOHN C.

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