Belle Perez

Planet of Love

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Mmm mmm yeah yeah yeah oh yeah

Hi there, its me again
Let me lend your ear for just a minute
Here's something you should know
I made a wish and you were there
I said hey it's a lovely day,
I turned around as if I knew you
Turned around with a big big smile
There was magic everywhere
Ooh, we had a great time baby
We knew it would never end
Hey oh my
Now I think we understand

We're spinning round and round
Just like the planets do
But in this universe I'll fall in love with you
I've been searching high and low
I've been way down and up above
When I finely found you
On the planet of love

Yeah yeah mmh mmh
Say yeah
Let me take you there,
I show you life in all it's beauty
You turned around big big smile
There was magic everywhere
Ooh we had a good thing going
We gotta keep holding on
Hey oh my
You're shining like the sun


Take a look around you
Just wait and see
When love has finally found you
You will agree, yeah yeah,
I need you,
I need you, oh yeah yeah
Spinning around and around and around,
I'm you're planet of love
Ooh, come to me, come to me baby


On the planet of love
We're spinning around and around and around
I'll fall in love with you,
Way down and up above
until I finally find you on the planet of love

Yeah mmm mmm

Autor(es): Perez, Belle / Renier, Patrick Theodore / Soulier, Johannes T J

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