Between The Buried & Me

Shevanel Take 2 [*]

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Sleep insane
Dream (on) the inside, dream (on) my own
Once escaped star filled road

My head will not rest on this pillow
As it's gripped in my arms tonight like reality, too tight
But if this dream could last forever
I would hold you here
Time need not freeze I need not fear
This world inside
Is the world I have longed to find
And I will not be afraid to love
I will not be afraid to lose what I once deprived myself of
My tears have salt stained this pillow
Loosened from my weakened clutch
By the sun's light, too much
But there's a hope today
That i'll find a way to make
This dream a life and real to me
Sometimes i'll run and sometimes I'll crawl
Sometimes i'll fly and sometimes I'll fall
But this dream of mine will not change at all

Autor(es): Jason Schofield King, Mark Edward Castillo, Nicholas Shawn Fletcher, Paul Andrew Waggoner, Thomas Giles Rogers

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