Give It Back

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Pimp it
Mannie Fresh and the Wolf
And the Birdman and Toni

(Give my uh-uh back)
(Give my uh-uh back)

Give it back, give it back, give it back
(Give my uh-uh back)
Give it back, give it back, give it back
(Give my uh-uh back)

I thought I met a good man whose name I won't discuss
He sold me a dream we were really in love
I heard on the street you're steppin' out on me
Now I'ma walk out that door, taking everything with me
Give it to me back

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

Hey, you startin' up, baby
Ride a brand new Mercedes, baby
Um, pimpin' ain't crazy
Um, ask Toni, baby
Um, me and Manny, baby
Rock 'till I make it a boost, baby
Um, you want your ass, baby
Get it latter, I'll holla back, baby

You say you want your car back and the keys to your house
But there's one thing I want 'fore I get the hell out
No recalls, no coupon, I wants my refund
I'm sorry I met you, 'cause boy you're not the one
Give it to me back

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

I heard it (Heard it on the street)
You were steppin' out on me
(No coupons, no recalls)
I want my refund, yeah

Ladies and gentlemen
Daddy got a new thing
Bless her with a diamond ring
Keep her neck like bling a ling a ling a ling
You can go ahead vacate, this was just a big mistake
Tell your lawyer call my lawyer
He will tell you what to take
Phone numbers, real change, attitude real strange
Used to eat big steaks but now you eatin' chicken wings
Sometimes I be flippin', don't know what I be sayin'
Call your lawyer back baby, I was just playin'

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

Well, you know, I like you then
I ain't gonna lie, I like you in a big way
(Give my uh-uh back)
Let's just say it's like fifty, no not quite that
(Give my uh-uh back)
Let's say like forty seven point nine percent
That's, you know, that's my way to love
(Give my uh-uh back)
You just hang in there, baby
Keep your head up
(Give my uh-uh back)
And one day, I will love you
Until then, take your uh-uh back
Ya'll heard (What)

Autor(es): Braxton, Tamar / Williams, Brian / Braxton, Toni / Thomas, Byron O

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