Bill Anderson


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I thought if you weren't busy we might have lunch tomorrow
And talk about a few things laying heavy on my mind
I'll get the corner table in that cozy little cafe
Where we used to go back in the better times when you are mine

The years rolled by like thunder, we're not getting any younger
And I think it's time I made a few amends
I'd like to look you in the eyes and tell you I apologize
Besides I want us to be friends

Forgiveness, this phone call's all about forgiveness
It's too late to work things out for me and you
But there's still somethings I feel I've got to do
Like say 'I'm sorry' and ask forgiveness

I could make up a lot of excuses for the way that I acted
I could blame it on impatiences, arrogance or on my youth
But the bottom line is I was simply a fool
And there is no excuse for the truth

But I just wanna make sure that
Before any more water runs under the bridge
And anymore time passes us by that you understand
How much I regret everything that happened
That I still love you and I will till the day that I die


Forgiveness, this phone call's all about forgiveness


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