Bill Anderson

Now That's Love

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The old man got to feelin' bad
In the middle of the night
His grandson got up out of bed
And lit the coal oil light

He sat there and held his hand
Till his grandpa felt alright
And then he tucked him back in bed
And kissed his wrinkled brow goodnight

Now that's love, real love
Every once in a while
When someone goes the extra mile
I'll bet God smiles and says, "Now that's love"

A father told his eight year old
Son, I'll have to miss you game today
I've got to fly to Houston
The boss says there's a deal that just can't wait

The young boy tried to hide his tears
But his dad could feel his pain
And he knew he'd have to tell the boss
My son comes first, I've got to make that game


A young girl told her mother
I can't raise this child alone
He said he would marry me
But this note says he's gone

Her mother pulled her close and said
"Honey, I can't judge what's right or wrong
But as long as there's a breath of life in me
Your child will have a home"



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