I Won't Talk About It [#][*]

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I don't wanna cause any trouble in town
I don't want it
I just want you to know that I'm around
If you need me
If you've been left all alone
You can just pick up the phone
(I won't talk about it)
And dial up L-O-V-E
(I won't talk about it)
Baby you can call on me

I know there's things about my scene
That might get in your way
That's not part of what I wanted to do

I just wanna get next to you
(I won't talk about it)
I don't wanna bring you down
(I won't talk about it)
I just wanna be around
(I won't talk about it)

I already know
Wherever we go
Whatever we do or see
Your secrets are safe with me

Autor(es): BRAGG, BILLY

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