Bing Crosby

Just What I Wanted for Christmas

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Just what I want for Christmas
I got just what I wanted this year
I got an Abercrombie blazer with a thin pinstripe
I got a velvet smoking jacket with a Dunhill pipe

And there's that lovely paisley muffin, ah it's so my type
Just what I wanted my dear
Just what I need for Christmas

All the things I've always dream of
I got some jungle gym pajamas and some Alpine hats
Some real Parisian painted neckwear that they call cravats
They are hard to find but you, you done
Found some doeskin spats
Just what I want my love

So ring out the Noel
When you're headed and distraught
If your shopping did not go well
It's not what you bought it's the Yuletide thought
But all I want for Christmas
Was the thought you were thinking of me

I would say that you've been twice as busy as a Christmas Elf
I'll bet that personally you have emptied every modern shelf
But what I wanted by my Christmas tree was your sweet self
Your love makes the season sublime

And that's what I wanted for Christmas
That's what I needed for Christmas
Yes, that's what I wanted for Christmas, all the time


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