Bing Crosby

The Snowman

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On a Christmas Eve a happy snowman
Stood and dreamed beside a cottage door
How the children loved their friend the snowman
And the funny fedora he wore

When they said goodnight they told the snowman
That a gift for him was on the tree
So he called himself a lucky snowman
Just like one of the family was he

The cottage porch looked beautiful and bright
The holly wreath was turned on for the night
When all at once it caught on fire and fell
He couldn't knock, he couldn't ring the bell
He couldn't run for help, he couldn't call
But then he had to save the children after all

He knew he'd melt away, and yet the snowman
Threw himself across the burning floor
How the children missed their friend the snowman
But they'll always remember him for
A heart that was brave and the joy that he gave
And the funny fedora he wore


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