You've Changed My Mind

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I'd hidden away
The pains of the day
And the strain of my eyes to see
The grain of my skin
At the start of the end
Of all I once thought I could be
The page has been bent
Like an ear, and I've spent
Too much just to straighten a line
But you've waited as still
As the stone of my will
And I know you've changed my mind

The beast in this room
Paces and moons
He's restless and needs to be fed
He moves in for keeps
At the first sign of sleep
He groans and nuzzles my head
I gave nearly all
To building the wall
That could hide me forever behind
But now even my doubt
Seems to know a way out
And I know you've changed my mind

How little I knew
Three that I grew
Was not just to root me down
But might stand to wave
When the passing of days
Begged for a view off the ground
My faith had grown cold
And all I'd been told
Convinced me that just comes with time
But a page has been turned
Some old fears unlearned
And I know you've changed my mind


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