Cocaine in My Brain

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Hey Jim, Jim, just a minute y'all, I want to
Ask you something, I want you to spell
Something for me Jim, can you do that?
Sure John
But I want you to spell for me
New York
John, why do you ask me to do
That? I just want you to spell New York Jim
Well alright I'm gonna go ahead man
New York, that's N-E-W Y-O-R-K man
No Jim, you've made a mistake Jim
I'm gonna teach you the right way
And the proper way to spell New York
Well go ahead John
A knife, a fork, a bottle and a
Cork That's the way we spell New York
Jim. You see I'm a dynamite

So all you got to do is hold me tight
Because I'm out a sight you know
Because I'm dynamite

But everytime I walk in the rain
Man, o man, I feel a pain I feel a burning pain
Keep on burning In my bloody brain

I've got cokane running around my brain, I've got
Cokane running around my brain
I want to dig me
Soul brothers and sisters I want you to hold me
Tight cause I'm a dynamite I got cokane running
Around my brain

No matter where I treat my guests you see
They always like my kitchen best
'Cause I've cocaine running around my brain cocaine
Running around my brain yea
Hey Jim, Jim
Where is Jim man?
I want to tell you somethin'
I want you to spell for me New York
Come an Jim, how you spell New York?

A knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork,
That's the way we spell New York right on
Out of sight man right on
O right on, yeah right on

Man oh man I run around I've got to read the setting sun
'Cause I've got cocaine a whole lot, a whole lot of
Cocaine man
Running around my brain, running
Around my brain cocaine, cocaine, running around my
Brain yeah


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