Play Guitar Play

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See Play, guitar play
Take me back
To yes-terday
G Gm let me see
Cotton growin'
In the fields
See Let me hear
My momma callin'

"Look a yon-der y'all who's comin'!
G F see Down the road, he's comin' home!"
But they know I never will.
G F see I left them livin' with that awful thang I done
G F G Gm I didn't tell them I just packed my clothes and run

See Play
Guitar play
Help me through
Another day.
G Gm Help me make
Another dollar
Before I go
See We got time
For one more song
Then we'll have
To move along
G F see another town
Another crowd
Lord I wonder if they know

G F see
Can they read between the lines in my songs
G F G Gm as I sing about a good boy, that went wrong
F see Guitar we got years to kill
F see Got to climb that distant hill
F see I wonder if they think of me
Guitar play


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