Miami Shit

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Introduce (introduce)
Mr. (Mr.) Three (yep) O (yep) Five'
Hop on a bucket of hot legs, fuck it [Repeat x4]

This for the boy who went to Tennessee
Listening to MJG, breaking 'em birds and 8 Ball
Be careful with them keys
Don't hesitate the squeeze
Watch out for them fans cause they hate y'all
Begging counts over seas
When the fast come for me
All they gon' found is cities
No wait dog
But wait dog
Cause Pity's back
Bigger, better, stronger
It's all right you can hate dog
But don't be surprised
Even thought you like Nicolas Cage
And blow you motherfuckin' face off
Who the fuck wanna face off
Cause my bullet is ready to cock, aim and bang
Show the world what is mean to be born n raised
And home of the cage that's the(chrome and paint)
Cause he uses a straight face
And he'll shoot AK
He will kick you and blow
So I suggest to do what they say
These are the facts of life
Mines are the three bitches
They don't rat no more
All they do is snitchin'
I went to no pot, the piston, to get in touch
How to whip out the pot in the kitchen
Cook, cook
Whip, Whip
Chop, Chop
Hit the shot stop, look, stop, drop, roll
Hit the block tell them fins stock the gold
Use to be my life but not no more
Fuck it

Hop on a bucket of hot legs, fuck it [x4]

Sittin' on banana clips, you want banana clips
Now that's some Miami shit
Give me yo big ol' shit, with a ton of bricks
Now that's some Miami shit
Chevy's on 22's, 24's, 26's
Now that's some Miami shit
That's what, that's right [x3]
I'm from Miami bitch

I eave, sit, shit talk right
You see that semi 45 L.I. yeah I buck that
I never thought but I thought that
Give him a brick, baking soda and a pica and he's broad bad
Pirates and biases I bring it back
How you want it, from a stolen microwave
How you want it, high or yellow or light brown
I ain't feelin' nothing man
I gotta fell it where the pipes at?
Let's ride out a woman in a summer day
Money is to jack are everyday in day
That's how JT Money got his name
Miami is the equal is tons of cocaine
That's what we grew up
Learn to do
These cubes is the attention to a bird or two
Keep actin' like these boys will murder you
You hear the sun ain't the only thang burnin' you
This where the bitches go two way
Niggas love gon' play
And try to go equal to one way
If you know what I'm talkin' about
You from day
And if you don't then
Welcome to where I've been raised
Welcome to where I've been raised
The cribs
Welcome to where I've been raised
Magic City
Welcome to where I've been raised
Real fast count it a day
Let's ride

Hop on a bucket of hot legs
Step on the gas
Step on the gas, fuck it [x2]

[Chorus:Repeat x3]

I'm from Miami bitch