Dinah Washington

Let Me Be the First to Know

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Like one more time if our love ever grows cold
And this new thrill somehow grows old
Oh, when forever for us is no more
Don't tell our friends, baby
Let me be the first to know

When you no longer care
When my dreams, you no longer share
Tell me before it starts to show
You don't have to be ashamed
Just let me be the first to know

You love me now, I feel kind of sure
Kind of sure somehow
But in this game of romance
Forever, forever is a million to one chance

Ooh Lord, when my kiss becomes an everyday thing
And my voice becomes just a busy ring
Let me put on my disguise before you go break my heart
But leave my pride

I said, please, please, please
Lord, Lord, Lord, please, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, let me be the first to know

Autor(es): Kirkland, Leroy / Woods, Pearl / Washington, Dinah

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