Ethel Merman

Let's Be Buddies

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I get awful gloomy
You mean, very gloomy
Very gloomy, now and then, in this town
'Cause it's always so hard
To find a real pard
Who'll play in your yard
When you're down
But since the talk, you and me
I mean, you and I have had
I've got a good friend, I see
Well, I'm not so very bad

What say, let's be buddies
What say, let's be pals
What say, let's be buddies
And keep up each other's morales
I may never shout it
But many's the time I'm blue
What say, how's about it
Can't I be a buddy to you?

Yes, with certain reservations
Will you try your best to go for this moll?
Hattie, what are you talking about?
If you do, I'll buy a new dress for your doll
But please let me pick it out
And I'll take you to hear the big cathedral bells
Oh, I hate those noisy old chimes
Well, instead then we'll go to see Gone With The Wind
But I've already seen it four times
Would you like a big box of chocolate creams?
No, for candy I never did care
Then will you let me get you a cute little dog?
Would you mind making it a bear?
Say, Jerry, old kid, you're a tough proposition
Are you sure your lid is in a healthy condition?
Are you feelin' good, Jerry?
What me? Why, very.
Well, whether you are or not

If you're on the town
If you're on your own
Well, I'm sort of down
And sick of being alone
Do you ever spend your evenings with the blues?
'Cause if you do my friend
We're both in the same shoes

Autor(es): PORTER, COLE

Let's Be Buddies de Ethel Merman

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