Flesh for Lulu

Stupid on the Street

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Gotta tell ya, I don't know what, where or when
Just gotta tell ya, I don't wanna have to tell you again
Informed sources said we've been doing this and that
Just gotta tell ya, they just don't know where it's at

You see we're only stupid people
Stupid in the first degree
Who could be more stupider than you or me
Stupid on the street, dude, dig it

I couldn't learn to break dance or do the funky body pop
Talk about the sidewalk, don't you ever stop?
Long on attitude, yeah, we've been acting indiscreet
Gone got stupid on the street, dude

Your electric shoes and your groovy untouchable style
You either got it or you don't
Terminal delinquent, can tell by the way you never smile
Aw, what's all this?

I just can't seem to move I think I love ya, I got nothing to prove
Honey, life's a beach and we're so stupid on the street
Stupid on the street
Stupid on the street

Let's go, let's go, baby let's go, stupid on the street
Sometimes you get to saying stuff you really don't feel
Sometimes, baby, you're just totally unreal
It's not what you say, it's the way that you say it
It's not what you play, it's a game that you're playing, uh, huh

We've been acting indiscreet, gone got stupid on the street, dude
Because everybody's getting up while we're still getting down
Everybody's getting up while we're still getting down
What's that you're saying, life's a beach?

Stupid on the street, dig it, stupid on the street
Aw, lookitcha, let's go


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