My Favorite Thing That Ever Happened (Intro)

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Hey Baby
Hey, Whats up?
You know I was at the coffee shop the other day and
I was thinking like, maybe I could have like
Have what mama?
An opus, like my own real opus
With violins and cellos and
Maybe paino
Pianos and horns and precussion
And you
On guitar right?
Yeah on the guitar
It could be like a no judgement zone, where you could sing whatever you want
Soul, gospel, country, rock
Wait so all kinds of arts huh, so what youre thinking
Okay, what would it sound like?
It would sound like,
One long piece with five movements
And it would be my favorite thing that ever happened
It would be my favorite thing that ever happend
So what woukld you call it
I would call it the lyricists opus
The lyricists opus?
Yeah lyricists opus
Okay I love it, I love it
Do you want to hear my imagination?
Yeah of course

Autor(es): Chrisette Payne, Scott Tibbs

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