Chris Webby

Label Office Cypher (Interlude)

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Web you got the CD?
Course I got the fuckin' CD man, fuckin' big meeting and shit
We're pretty late though, you think we're gonna be good?
I think we're gonna be all set man
Just pick up your pants a little bit
No talking about Adderal, no talking about banging this guy's wife like.. (of course, of course) keep it real good
Oh shit, is that that fucking BarsTaLoan guy again?

I'm an untrained dog, no collar
Had loose screws since I was a toddler
Yo don't bother
Up in this bitch drinking vodka like water
Do you read me? Roger, I am a monster
All young buck white kids put the mic down, I am your father
Still be drinking like I did when I was up at Hofstra
Taking more shots than I did playing Contra
Hold up, hold up, hold up, wait
Let me take a sip of water, I don't know if I'm straight
Lost track of all the LIT's that I drank
And I'm feeling like I just might faint
But I lace my sneakers, eat a piece of pizza
And throw another [?] up on the Visa
Bangin' out those speakers
Going hard in the paint like I fucked Mona Lisa
Where the chronic B?
My short term memory is chronically
Fucked up, cause I burn down constantly
How could I shape up? I forgot geometry
But they gon' learn CT and geography
Cause I got the whole damn world watching me
It's hard to even keep up with it honestly
Let's gettin' it muthafuckin' poppin' B
Will lose some brain cells
I don't think I'm leaving this
Muthafucker, 'til someone takes away my keys and shit
I haven't been trained well, I'm so disobedient
Got that verbal dope, so just holla if you need a fix
Drop a freestyle, daily fire
Lighting up a bong up that'll take me higher
Crazy rhymer, that's known to cross the line like a stereotypical Asian driver
Web so sick that I make'em nauseous
Go balls out, never play it cautious
Went from a dorm room to rapping to muthafuckers in suits in a label office
I'm a beast on the mic with a beatbox flow
Anybody steppin' after he rocks, no
He got flow, I'm an animal, follow my name with an e-i, e-i, e-i-o
Seat ride low when I'm cruising in
With a cup full of brown like Julian
With a trailer park boy and some hooligans
Got bars, yeah I got a few of them
C Web

Autor(es): Christian Webster