Money's Just a Touch Away

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[Mack 10]

This song is dedicated

to all the up and coming rappers singers hustlers actors

Whatever you may be remember:

without no struggle you get no progress

So keep grindin keep on mashin get yours

Chorus: Gerald Levert

You're nothin far from comin up (keep on)

Money's just a touch away (keep on)

So keep on grindin don't give it up (keep on)

There'll always be another day (keep on)

[Mack 10]

And now I'm sittin at the pad, teary eyed and depressed

Starvin and sufferin from mental stress

Now a true center to the game of beginner

but hard to feel like a winner when you eat spreads for dinner

Hit the streets late night in the form of star mushin

On the 211 mission just to pay tuition

For my kids I got to grind and develop street saavy

Servin stress cause I just ain't got enough to cop cavi

But I can't stop, I won't stop, til I got it made

Either build my clientele, get a job or learn a trade

like hip-hop, and make enough to live good forever

So I learned to write the rhymes and get my metaphors together

Then I joined a rap crew, with the homies on my street

Sellin underground tapes out the local swap meet

Gettin tighter on the mic, as I worked day to day

So now I lay down at night, and I hear voices say, "Mack"


[Mack 10]

Now I'm new to the scene, H as in Hard, N as in Nympho

So like EPMD, could you _Please Listen to My Demo?_

I left the local crew, felt like I was the man

In popular demand and now ready for SoundScan

So I searched for a deal with no luck I kept rappin

Felt like it would take a miracle to make it all happen

Marble said it was a test, "Mack don't do nuttin wrong!

Just have faith in God and keep your hustle goin strong

Stay hongry, keep writin, don't quit you're too close

Remember good things come to those who want it most"

So I never left the house, without my rap book

Thought I found a new crew but eventually got shook

First they said I was cool, but then started to doubt me

Put me on the backburner and just forgot all about me

Partna said I wasn't fresh, and sent me on my way, but you know what?

As I was leavin, I could hear voices say, "Mack"


[Mack 10]

Now the tables turned, but I remember they used to clown me

The hard work paid off, and luck finally found me

So call every publication, Billboard and the editor

and tell em Mack's being signed by dude workin on _The Predator_

I got the Midas touch, now everything be the bomb

Hooked up with The Don, now made a few mill-ion

I don't bang I write the good rhymes, you know about mines

Man I'm the tightest MC, Ice Cube ever signed

Now if ain't the radio, it's a video shoot

Livin life in the limelight, with a bank full of loot

Now my crew is solid, shook the haters and the leeches

Runnin full court at my house with our girls on the beaches

Plus the violence is ceased, no more bi-coastal beef

Cause now I get down with the North South and the East

I reminisce on hard times, seem like yesterday, but now

Hoo Bangin' is official and I remember they used to say, "Mack"


[Levert] Money's just a touch, just a simple touch

Money's just a touch away..

Money's just a touch, just a simple touch

Money's just a touch away..

[Mack 10] Man I knew I was gonna make it, but they didn't believe me

YaknowhatI'msayin? Clowned me -- gon' be a rapper, what?



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