Cledus T. Judd


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Now, we all know the pride of Hazzard County, Bo and Luke
Uncle Jesse, and let's not forget Miss Daisy Duke
Rosco, don't you know, that sheriff was no straight shooter
Some may hate Boss Hogg, but man, we all love Cooter

The girls down at the Boar's Nest used to love to see 'em comin'
There ain't much in that little town them Duke boys ain't tried jumpin'
And when we hear that General Lee's familiar "Dixie" hooter
We all knew we'd get to see a little Cooter

Now, Cooter is the reason that TV show was so hot
And Bo and Luke, they hung out with Cooter quite a lot
And when they took Cooter for a ride in them backwoods
They did things with Cooter (ha ha!) no man ever should

Cooter kept them boys' engine fired up and smokin'
No matter how they tore it up, Cooter kept on goin'
No such thing as GPS or On-Star computer
Them there boys didn't need no help when it came to findin' Cooter

Now, we have every episode on high def DVD
And we love to watch ol' Bo hood slide across our big TV
And Daisy in her short shorts could knock me any cuter
But what we want to see is a whole lot more Cooter

For those of you who think this song could not be any cruder
Get your mind out of the gutter; I'm just talkin' about Cooter



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