Cledus T. Judd


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They come off soundin' pretty pompous
Each time they open their mouth
You can't believe it when you hear it
What they let come rollin' out

Don't know, why they're so super-hateful?
Ain't like they've got it so bad
If they'd do more singin' and less talkin'
I think, we'd all be glad

Say goodbye to Natalie
Adios, Martie and Emily
They think that they're too cool
The chicks no longer rule
All country fans agree

Now they're threatenin' to quit
Like we really give a, yeah
They say they're goin' pop
Garth, he tried and flopped
But we won't soon forget
Martie, Emily and Natalie

Was it the lack of nominations
At this year's C.M.A.'s?
That got them tradin' in their banjos
For a drum machine and DJ's

Next thing you know they'll be on Soul Train
Out on the road with Eminem
They'll put some bling-bling in their videos
And we'll all make fun of them

Say goodbye to Natalie
Adios, Martie and Emily
The only folks in line
Are holding picket signs
And burning Chicks CDs

Wasn't it a sight to see?
Them posin' naked on a magazine
Now everybody knows
They're overexposed
If you know what I mean
Martie, Emily and Natalie

So go load up your tour bus and pull on out
'Cause your careers may soon be done
You bunch of multi-platinum jackass millionaires
Yeah, yeah rock 'n' roll, here they come

Say goodbye to Natalie
Adios, Martie and Emily
We hate to see it in
Why can't we be friends?

Please don't be mad at me
Martie, Emily and Natalie
See ya later Natalie
You are the weakest link, goodbye


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