Cledus T. Judd


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You climbed up on the bus said that I'll do
Just about anything that you want me too
I got tickets to your show from the radio
They were free!

I said "you got the wrong bus"
She said "I know who you are"
"You're that Rock-a-billy country singin' superstar
And I thought that you might like to have a little bit o' company

I said "Maybe twenty years ago, in a different place,
In a darker room with a prettier face
But there's just way too many fish in the sea
And getting caught with a whale would be the end of me
Don't cry this can't be the first time you've been dissed
I got brunettes and blondes and red-headed girls
And they'll be dropping by soon rocking my world
Turn around and go you ain't on my list
See only the best looking tuna gets to be star kissed.


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