John Hartford

Delta Queen Waltz

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Oh we boarded the boat on the breast of the river so wide
And we left old St. Louis on the crest of that brown muddy tide
To the strains of the Delta Queen's band
I found myself holding your hand
The way we had hoped we would do all that summer and fall
Oh the whistle came out, such a deep mellow sound in the night
And the echo came back from the shoreline of twinkling lights
There was nothing we really could say
The river had swept us away
Like a present hereafter, the warm sound of laughter
As we danced to the Delta Queen Waltz

As the big wheel keeps rolling I find myself holding you near
With the night time unfolding I'm lucky just having you here
As a single wave curls down the shore, we're waltzing away cross the floor
As our heart beats assemble, the boat lightly trembles
As we dance to the Delta Queen Waltz


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