John Hartford

Don't Ever Take Your Eyes Off the Game, Babe

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Don't ever take your eye off the game - babe, if you don't want your deal to go down
Don't try to get away on a sunny day - that's the time to hang around
Well they might try to tell you that there ain't nothing wrong
Then the sheet gets short where it should've been long
and we're sittin' round a-singin' that old time song - called don't let your deal go down

all together now

Don't let your deal go down (x 3)
till your last old dollar is gone

Don't never take your eye off the scoreboard babe - there's a lot of pretty lights up there
Don't never bet your ass on a snow white horse - it might not be going anywhere

now I don't need - to make you sad, you're having the best time - that you ever had
It's just your nature to wanna be bad - just don't let your deal go down

all together now

I'm sorry that I said what I said last night - I've been super paranoid of late
and with things going down the way they've been - it was the only way I could communicate
Sometimes its alright but nobody knows when the things you rely on just ain't so
til the times get better that's the way I gotta go if I don't want my deal to go down

all together now


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