John Hartford

The False Hearted Tenor Waltz

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False-Hearted Tenor
My False-Hearted Tenor, falsetto so high
I watch all your dobros as they slide on by.
My person is lonely I think it's because
My voice is not high and real thin like a saw
What would really be slick now if I learned how to sing
But they tell me to pick now 'cause that is my thing

It's genu-un-settle (wrong words) a voice without heart
I'm out in the meadow and I can't find my part
Just because I quit smoking and sit on a stool
and sing all them love songs like any dam fool
Remember the tenor when we render this waltz
I pick on a Fender in a tenor that's false

In my highest falsetto I can't sing this high
But I dam sure would like to and that's why I try
My voice is as much as two pitches too low
When I want to get high and get up like Munroe
But me no soprano without any pause
just a jug-throated croaker in a tenor that false


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