Phil Harris

Baloo's Blues [Soundtrack]

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It's a blue, blue jungle
Every vine every tree
Yes, it's a blue, blue jungle
Not like it used to be
Because my little buddy
My little Mowgli's far from me
And I got the misery

Oh, they civilized my man cub
Washed his face and combed his hair
(Sticky, gooey stuff yeah)
They civilized my man cub
Gave him way-out clothes to wear
(No where)
They're messin' with my Mowgli
And he would've made one swell bear

Oh, I'm on the road to ruin
Stewin' body night 'n' day
Yes, I'm just a broodin', brewin'
Stewin' while I'm turnin' gray
I've got to have my man cub
Gotta get him back here, right away
Some way

And if anyone tries to stop me
He better bring all the help he can
(Hear me talkin' to ya)
I said if anybody tries to stop me
He gonna get a one way ticket
To the promise land
(I'm preachin' now)
'Cuz I'm gonna cave in his casaba
I'm gonna pull it off
And then lay it in his hands

I've got those sad about him
Can't live without him
Balooo blues


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