Jungle Brothers


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Now here we have a theory that makes me kinda weary
It's a humorous matter that makes my eyes teary


Yeah, that's what they call it
The thing's so big you need a U-Haul to haul it
It's up on the tip, it's up on the top
This flamboyant thing cannot be stopped

That's what it is

Word up, up, up, up

Gotta get it into you

(Jimbrowski, Jimbrowski) (jimbra, bra, bra, bra)

This matter is for real, so let's be real about it
You always talk about it 'cause you can't live without it

In the evenin' when you're dreamin'
Wake up in the mornin', you must start schemin' 'cause ('cause)

Say what?

Jimbrowski's on your mind (your mind)

Takin' up most your time (your time)

Yo, Jimmy helped me write this rhyme(this rhyme)

So when you're feelin' blue
Don't front on the Jimmy (why?)

'Cause Jimmy can help you (you)

If I told you Jimbrowski was seven feet tall
What would you do?
What would you say?
How would you feel?

I'm tellin' you man, Jimbrowski is located in your nearby neighborhood
If anybody come to you about Jimbrowski, you can tell them that we can do this
If not you know you can ask the Jungle Brothers, man


Jimbrowski is badder than your baddest rope chain
I guess that should (explain) why it was given the dope name
For some it's free, for others there's a fee
(But if you come to me, I give the Jimmy for free)
Spell it with a (Jay) and with a (Gee)
What do the Jungle Brothers call it? (the jimbrowski)

Can you please tell me about Jimbrowski?
I don't know about Jimbrowski, please tell me about it

Hey yo, speakin' of Jimbrowski
There go the dreadlock, man
Hey yo, sir (what?)

Tell me somethin' about Jimbrowski

What you want to know, man?

Tell me everything you know

Do you want their width, man, their heights, man?
Let me tell you right now the boy's long, man
Boy's long and mean, man (mean?)

You don't mess with the Jimmy, man
Boy, when I was a kid, man
Little boys and girls don't wanna mess with the Jimmy, man (word?)

The boy three years old, man, the boy like seven foot tall (seven foot?)

Seven foot, man

We're not counting his hair, man
Man, the Jimmy was no joke, man
Man, you never want to see the Jimmy, man
Man, let me get outta here, man
You don't wanna hear no more about this, man

Alright dreadlock man, peace (ras man, ras)

(The black prince has arrived)

Once again

Jimbrowski (Dynomite!)

Jimbrowski (in the Jungle)
Jimbrowski (in Coney Island)
Jimbrowski (in Staten Island)
Jimbrowski (in money makin')
Jimbrowski (in Brooklyn)
Jimbrowski (in Boogie Down)
Jimbrowski (in Boogie Down)
Jimbrowski (in Lefrak)
Jimbrowski (come on y'all)
Jimbrowski (everybody)


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