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(Dj Babu scratches "say what" while Rakka Irisciense
And Evidence say this intro):

Ah... uh,
(Yeah), It's goin' down, yeah, yeah
Dilated, "Neighborhood Watch", what up
Everybody, BABU! it's Babu, yeah, yeah, yeah
OKAYPLAYER, of course

[Rakaa Iriscience]
Log on if you got the raw bites and ram
I'm louder than a bomb, here to fight the man
Like Public Enemy, here to shed light that tans
Darkness (darkness everyone), darkness hides the scams
While you're in the crowd tryin' ta fight with fans
Fuck around and get beat up wit'cha your mic stand
Expansion team's like the last samurai clan (*sword slicing*)
Slashing by air, by sea, and by land (OH)
Sentinels attack and I fight the program
Like David and Goliath, they gave us no chance (nope)
Calculate data, spit romance
And rock mics, Babu's nice with both hands
Battled(?) worldwide and coast-to-coast fam (yep)
Rakaa broadcastin' live from Los Angelos
In my own way I'm a bit of an evangelist
Slash California Cannabis Cup champion
Okayplayer bang bang with aim
And put it on the line for real to get fame
In real time you feel the shit change
Your butterknife, I open you up like switchblades
We're still here but others a switch games
We still ride while others a switch lanes
We're swingin' into smacks grown men like Rick James
To kids hidin' behind internet nicknames (woo)

[Chorus 2X] (Defari singing with Rakka ad-libing)
You tight, we tight, it's okay
You nice, we nice, it's okay (Rakaa:player)
You play, we play it's okay
All day, everyday, it's okay X2

Yo international cat, just got my passport back
Flyin' DC Tens born December tenth,
To those who passed, still remember them (rest in peace)
To those who talked trash, still remember them (eat a dick)
Got lady friends, each one gets my time,
It's always "me and her' instead of "her and I",
So selfish I gotta change my act,
I say "tomorrow" then push the appointment back (oops)
Some say the workin' man's a sucker,
Don't know if I agree but ain't tryin' to be a trucker
Be yourself I suggest
These kids droppin' out of college think they're Kanye West (*laughing*)
This year I'm the hitman but not for hire (nope)
Bush is the prez but I voted for Dave Meyers (yeah)
My crew's established, hate or love us it's only a
Grammy I give a fuck about, or my parent's mothers
Everyday used to steal paint from errand brothers,
Tag my way home I live with they film colors (spraying sounds)
Hodgers and Pac-Men, all police captains
Stay the fuck outta Dodge, avoid harassment
I'm talkin' to you, that's who I'm lookin' towards
Everytime I hit'cha, put my cap forward
Keep my caps unlocked when I check the board
Okayplayer with Dilated, rest assured.

[Chorus 4X]
(DJ Babu scratches "Say What?")