Lou Christie

All That Glitters Isn't Gold

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Never be foolish and na've
When someone wants you to believe
His life without you is so dull
Do not be too gullible

All that glitters is not gold
All that glitters is not gold
That's the story often told
All that glitters is not gold

Bluebeard was man of mighty charms
Lady love melted in his arms
Not that she wasn't so well bred
She just simply lost her head


Samson wore hair to shoulder length
It was the secret of his strength
Delilah worked for rival mob
So she gave him boyish bob


Sir Walter Raleigh was polite
Spread cape in mud for queen one night
She had it cleaned and said, Thank you
Sent him to the cleaners, too


Old Rip Van Winkle, it appears
Fell fast asleep for twenty years
He woke and grumbled, Moon's too bright
Couldn't sleep a wink last night



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