Lou Christie


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(Trapeze, sha la la, baby you'll never fly with me
Trapeze, sha la la, baby you'll never fly with me)

I gotta live fast, & you got what I need (trapeze)
I want you baby, lovin's like a trapeze (trapeze)
We had a swingin' thing (trapeze) & then I can't get thing
Now you're falling, falling, falling
I told you, hold on tight (trapeze), I'd love & kiss you right
Now you're calling, calling, calling

One in a million I thought you would be (trapeze)
Your love was not enough to fly with me (trapeze)
We started swingin' high (trapeze), & then he caught your eye
You missed your timing, timing, timing
I saw the danger sign (trapeze), your eyes were missing mine
You were lying, lying, lying

I'm lookin' down, you're on the ground & crying (trapeze)
Goodbye, baby, 'cause I gotta keep on flying (trapeze)
You played a 2-faced game (trapeze), I'll never feel the same
Now I'm flyin' high, baby, now 'cause you lied, baby
Goodbye, romance (trapeze), there'll be no 2nd chance
No maybe, bye baby, your turn to cry baby


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