Texas Tornados


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Sir Douglas Quintet is back.
We'd like to thank all our beautiful friends all over the country,
And all the beautiful vibrations.
We love you.

Teeny bopper, My teenage Lover,
I caught your waves last night,
It set my mind a wond' rin'
You're such a groove, please
Don't move,
Please stay in my love house by
The river.

Fast talkin' guys with strange
Red eyes
Have put things in your head,
It set my mind a wonderin',
I love you so, Please don' t go,
Please stay here with me in Mendocino
Mendocino, Mendocino,
Where life's such a groove,
You blow your mind in the morning,
We used to walk through the park.
Make love along the way in
Like I told you Can you, dig it?
If you want to groove
I'll be glad to have you
I Love you so


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