Old Man from the Mountain

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Comin' home, home, home
Thought I'd better warn you
So I called you on the phone
Get rid of Joe the grinder
You better be there alone
'Cause the old man from the mountain's
Comin' home

I've been a-workin' in the sawmill
I'm all up-tight and tense
And I got word that someone's
Been diggin' under my back fence
Thought I'd better call you
Let you know today
That the old man from the mountain's
On his way

Been workin' my dang fool head off
All for a dollar bill
Now I need a bunch of good lovin'
So I'm comin' down the hill
Don't want no friendly Henry's
Warmin' up my bed
And the old man from the mountain
Means what he said

Autor(es): HAGGARD

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