Patti LaBelle

Patti's Welcome/Come What May

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Because I'm in love
I'm in love [Repeat: x13]
I wish you all
The very best of love
As for me
My best words

Wish I was your child
Hold me in your arms
We could love so free
And no, we'd never part

But I'm not a child
And wishes are
Just child's play, my love

Now I'll never be afraid
Of who I am
And who I'm not
Come what may

Wish I was a bird
I'd warm you in my big ol' wings
Safe from all the storms
You know true love can bring

But I'm not a bird
And wishes can
Just fly away, my love


Oh, I'm no fool
Shining in your eyes
Of the stars, [Repeat: x3]
My love


Of who we are
And who we're not
Come what may


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