No Awareness

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[Dr. Octagon]

Your organic medical talk propels off my arms

The atom bomb final Lionel Richie not couth for this battle

I battle sing sing sing like bing bing bing

ricochet rapid grab it like a poppa

Watch you jam like a techer with old energy it's me

lyrically bionically you're panicked be

You end up in the ? as I begat

Fertilizin your chrome dome boils sore medicated

All flows rose and have a tweakin speakin

Puerto Rican the powerful machine gun stun

Ba-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum, ambulence, lights bright

Paramedics fetish your legs with eggs chicken hatch

Can't find too they dead ex, but the skin don't match

Chorus: Dr. Octagon (repeat 3X)

And you say, no awareness, swift as gold

[Sir Menelik]

Bio-production is greatly increased, magnetic fields

Velocity of projectiles, electro-liquid experiments

Theoretical observances and critical procedures, cool

to seventy-seven Kelvins, by submerging, steel cylinders

Secure capacitated it in the cyrogenic containin the crude samples

One millimeter, in diameter

Since the last explosion, December 3rd, 1992

Reinforce mixin copper nickel-beryllium oxide

Concentric layers, proportional carbon density of the radius

Indisturbed existence if it does produce contradictory statements

or quantum, wave functions, mechanic mind out of matter

This behaviour is accompanied by conscious experience

Remains astral, flexing as ever

Ask Copernicus about pushing limits


[Dr. Octagon]

Like a twenty-five, pep-a-pep-pep, pellets beebee guns

will stun buns, kickin up dirt dust, must you see me

hittin like beepers, beep beep, vibrate

Take swift shake swift with myth, while you smoke a spliff

Change strange and detour thought more

minds with signs of minds on 8 by 10

class when atomic lines

You keep a deep thought, bop bought

My planet court rehearsal is a must, lust my vital

is a point to bust my inhabitants, past.. tense

ever since Presidents.. Lyndon B.

Jerry, John, George and Carter like Optimus

deep silk reflects on a starter


Chorus 1.33X

[Sir Menelik]

Edge, dislocation specifically, opporunity to form

and ultimately fail, under stress depends, on science immobile

epoxy, or stock composites

New conductors maximum amp use much finer, filaments

Eighteen percent, of volume, minus . three six nine degrees

Celsius, a record for resistive, electromagnets

A hybrid design, seven-hundred thirty-thousand gauss

for all types of DC residents, absorbed in

flowin through fifteen=thousand one-hundred watt, lightbulbs

Tremendous heat is generated, driven by direct

but not oscillating, current

Extremely, powerful, fascinating

Engineering reflections, acoustic depth by analysis

Vulnerable, to legal talents

High exposure, requires, mental protection, replica

Artificial dynamic Microsoft tech

Heavy black cables Nova robot, demanding, battery power

Acids found, in Josephalia, the master gene