Brown Skin Girl

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She’s a force of nature,
That i can’t out run
A devil and a savior all in one
Her eyes can heal me
Or they can make me bleed
Her lips have me addicted to the poetry
Of never really knowing
Just who i am (where i stand)
And i admit that i don’t mind at all
I would trade my world away
To stay inside this dream
I’d never find a better place to fall
I’ve got a lover, a brown skin girl
She’s got a magic of another world
And everytime that i think of her
I’m on fire, fire
She knows a way, a spiritual flow,
Of making me dizzy, like the vertigo
Her cinnamon kisses melt my soul
Like fire, yeah
I get a strong vibration
If she just says my name
And it drives me crazy
Cause i don’t know if she feels the same
She likes to breathe some mystery
In all she does
She laughs and says that i’m under her spell
Now i won’t lie, i enjoy the ride
And pray it never ends
I feel her deeper than anything i’ve felt
Chorus repeat
I can’t help but crave another taste of her
Like a drowning man that’s praying for the rain
How she worked her way inside- i’ll never understand
She’s too beautiful to ever take the blame
But she’ll always fan the flame