Put Me On

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Cool as a summer breeze
Driftin' on memories
She got me on my knees
Darlin' I'm beggin' please
If there's a winter storm
And I'm there to keep you warm
In whatever shape or form
Baby girl gotta put me on

It's been ten years runnin' and you still look stunning
One in a million diamond you're beautiful with brilliance
Still it's not enough even though we're inseparable
We need to take a break but that don't mean that I'll let you go
Tears become streams we got the same dreams
What's with all the competition ma we on the same team
Angel some times I don't show it on the surface but your
Face is un-replaceable, it's perfect, you're worth it
I'm not always there emotionally even though you're close to me
I got work to do that's how its supposed to be
And I ain't into choppin' it up I'll switch the topic
Don't trip go you a brand new whip, and took you shoppin'
It's cool just do your thing while I work on this music shit
If we don't end up back together though I'm going to lose it kid
I gotta spit viciously and throw bolts of thunder
For now be a stranger, don't change your number


She's a hot one ain't no one iller
Butter pecan and french vanilla
Shit I'm speakin' its true words for real
Baby girl be like a stone killer
She call me pop and sometimes its daddy
She lookin' proper never look ratty
Her waist is small, her booty's real fatty
I let her hold the keys to my Caddy

Of all the beautiful women that I've met in this world
Why is it such a challenge to find the right girl?
I've dated actresses models, strippers, intellectuals
Four months max, like Maxim its all sexual
Incredible I've been to more than twenty countries
Got dirty ugly with honeys that were lovely
Trust me I'm a Scorpio that's how it has to be
'Til I'm chillin' with a children and a house I'm fast and free

Lookin' back through all the springs that passed
A summertime fun with no strings attached
Never find love and these flings don't last
Will there ever be a queen for this king to match
Until then I'll be...