Freedy Johnston

Western Sky

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A pilot's son won't fly
So it's a two-day drive
Kissed his brave new wife goodbye

The road ends in a fence
She flies off overhead
He starts his lonely trip out west

Western sky
The miles go by
She'll always get there first
And I'll always arrive

Meet you there
You take care
I love that look you get
Before you say goodbye

His conscience waits for dark
Like an AM radio song
Fades in reflected off the clouds

After his father crashed
He moved his family back
And vowed to never leave the ground

Western sky
Between the signs
I'm spelling out your name
In neon passing by

Meet you there
Now you be careful love
The road can hypnotize

An exit in the rain
She answered before it rang
But he can only say her name

Western sky
He laughs then sighs
I'm only halfway home
And stopping for the night

Glad you're there
You know my fear
I need those words you say
Before you say goodbye

Autor(es): Johnston, Freedy

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