Ja Rule

Bad Boy

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Yeah Shaunta, Shae Jones
Remix, yeah
I want me a bad boy
I need me a bad boy
Gotta have me a bad boy
Would you be my bad boy?

He ain't got no car
And he ain't got no kids
He ain't got no place to stay
So I got him staying on his knees
I know he's Mr. Wrong
But he makes me feel so right
So he can get the car, then the cash and the crib
As long as I get mine tonight

1 - [Shae]
Got me goin' round-round
When I take him downtown
Makes me want a bad-bad-bad-boy

2 - [Shaunta]
He's a bad boy
And I like it like that
He's a bad-bad, bad boy
Do me better than a good boy
I likes that

Repeat 2
He likes to go downtown (town)
For hours at a time (time)
And I know I should let him go
Cause he's playing tricks on my mind
This bad boy's a bad habit
I'm a straight kind of winner to me
And when he looks me in the eye
With his hand on my thigh

Repeat 1
Repeat 2 (4x) (w/Shae ad-lib after 2x)
If mothers feels him
Then I can't feel him
No, no, no, no
And if pops likes him
No way, don't want him
No, no, no, no

>From the LX in the garage
To platinum cards
My big influence is stars
Critics say what?
You're too much
Broads is envious
I found the playas that they can't touch
Shaunta like the type
Biting his lip
Nine on his hip
Having his pit, black thugs drinking them licks
Cutting up with his whole crew
And when we homemade, roll through
And break out when they suppose to
Cali Terror Mills to Harlem Brown
With enough ughh to go around
Make you lay the cat down
He get it thrown at him all day
And like my girl Shae
A playa got to take the subway
We gonna lay till four at the moment
Nothing but gray smoke from the jojo
Bad boys need bad chicks
And that's the only type of cat I can deal with
And I like that

Repeat 1 & 2 (4x)
Repeat 2
He's a bad boy