Jimmy Durante

Old Man Time

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Old man time, he's so mean
Meanest man you've ever seen

He gives you youth, then he steals it away
He takes your nice pretty hair, turns it gray

He makes you rich, makes you poor, he' a dog!

All your dreams and your schemes ain't worth a dime

So have a good time every day, 'cause you'll never get away
From old man, old man time

Old man time, that boog-a-boo

Every year, he changes you
He bends your back, dims your eyes, you see less
You quake and shake and when he's through, you're a mess

Makes you fat, thin or tall he plays tricks on us all
Every year, he changes you, no sense or rhyme

He gives you beauty charm and grace
Then puts wrinkles on your face

That's old man, old man time'

But there's one thing he can't change

Love that's true stays the same
It lives on, on and on in any climb

So you don't ever have to fret
Fall in love and you'll forget

That's old man, old man time'
Yes old man, old man time.


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