10 Years

Fade Into (The Ocean)

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Broken shoulders resting on my back
Overloaded with a weighed stack
Higher and higher
Time runs tired
Silence falls
Into the deafening
Sirens of
My own epiphany (x2)
My own mortality
Here I lie with my regrets
Possessions petty meaningless
You are my medicine
Healing me with tenderness
I don't know
Don't go (x4)
I don't know what is happening
What is happening
Broken body crumbles into dust
Weight is lifted sending me with love
Higher and higher
Time expired
The siren calls
Re awakening
Passing on
Into eternity (x2)
Cry no more for me
Crossing through
Fade into (x3)
Crossing through
Fade into the light
Fade into the light
Crossing through
Fade into the light (x2)