Paul Wright

Walking on Water (Surfah Girl)

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She wakes up and takes up her surfboard heads out out from the seashore and from the world in where she lives. She's got no fears or worries at all right there just the smell of salt water that's in the air and the sunrise.

She's walking on water, she's walking on water

Verse 1:

Imagine waking up no knowing if today is your last one tell me what would you say if you had somebody tell you that you're young but youre dying which is weird cuz you feel so alive and she has a dream to be queen of the ocean mad emotion showing her devotion on her surfboard fully in motion hoping for a miracle whn her eyes first open.


Verse 2:

Face up toes in the sand surfah girl gave up trying to understand why some get to live and other have to die she's tired of goodbyes cuz they make her cry lookin in the sky blues as her eyes watchin the rising of the sun well how time flies when you're outside and your in love and your'e havin fun remember all the days when she was layin down on the sand with her fam and she had a plan bam to wake up at the daylight watch her rise like the sun on the run from the night sunrise feels so alive when she...


Sunrise. From the world in where she lives...sunrise
From the world in where she lives...