Al Stewart

Candy Came Back

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Candy came back to amazing acclaim
Saying if this is love give me more of the same
The people were waiting in crowds for the sight
Of her face in the car driving into the night
And she says they gotta have someone
I might as well let it be me
For all my life was a dream

In the shops and the factories they talk about you
And the girls in the street wear their hair like you do
Hordes of reporters are always at hand
And the cameras are ready whenever you land
But she says it couldn't be better
I don't let it get in my way
All my life was a dream

I'm not sentimental for the ticker tape life
I could lose it all in just the card of the night
So don't you worry about the things that I do
There are times I need to get away from you
But every time I try to close my door
I seem to fascinate you more and more and more

Candy came back to amazing acclaim
Through the hot summer night they were calling her name
They seemed to be drawn by the power of her fame
Like a gull to the water a moth to the flame
But she says, oh it's not what I did
And they saw what they wanted to see
For all my life was a dream

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