Tech N9ne

Wifi (Skit)

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So, me and Krizz Kaliko check into our, uh, hotel in Paris, France
We were there for the first time, you know, it's in 2010
And our hotel was so fucking rinkydink
That when we checked in our room it was so small that
You open the front door to our room and you could see, hold up
God damn You could see
The nigga at the front desk he was like, you just open the door and he was right there
So Krizz Kaliko goes and asks the nigga like, uh, ey man, y'all got the WiFi?
And the dude was like "wh- WiFi? Wifi? I dunno, WiFi?" He's like
"You know, WiFi man, you got WiFi? Wifi code?"
He's like "what, no, we don't WiFi"
He's like "you know, like internet, like phone" he's like
"Ohhh, Weefee, Weefee, yeah we got Weefee"

Autor(es): Aaron Yates, Michael Summers