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They know what we want, give it to us
They know what we want, give it to us
They know what we want, give it to us
They know what we want, give it to us
Twenty, tens, n fives (carrots)
If you a balla than a hundred's gon' fly
That's what I'm talkin' bout
Stacks to the sky
We gon' twenty, tens, n' fives
We gon' twenty, tens, n' fives

I'm not a five dolla nigga, I'm a billion dollar entity
All I chase is money only bad bitches interest me
Dade County nigga, diamonds come from Tiffany's
Bought the prototype n they hit the streets eventually
Toss my dolla bills, toss my dolla bills
All I ever wanna do, toss my dolla bills
All they talkin' cease, you could hear the breeze
When the bitches realizin' that I'm throwin' hun' beefs


Twenty, fifty, hundreds on my bed I think I'll pay but
Pillows made of thousand dollar bills can you wait
Million dollar carpet, then I'll fuck it, keep the change
I keep a lenin' closet of some fresh, she said what's his name
I got Mr. Willdrow Wilsons hit the stocket stange
And they know what I want, they sit the money for I came
Spend it on the chain blow it all at the bar
Weezy baby comin' deep, this is Trina rockstarr


Man all I got is hundreds, I ain't even stuntin'
Stuck on the bendges like Benjamin Button
Trina what it do, I ain't seen ya in a minute
But I think about my life but thank God that you was in it
Hello Weezy Baby, a-k-a payday, twenty, tens, fives
I give that shit to nana, young money boss, cash money G
Weezy F Baby and the F is for free.

Autor(es): Roberts, William Leonard / Saunders, Reginald / Ferrebee, Ronald M. / Washington, Knyesha / Bryant, Alanna / Taylor, Katrina Laverne / Carter, Dwayne

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